Occupational asthma is a painful inflammation of the airways, triggered by exposure to something in the air where you work. If you work with certain substances, such as some kinds of paint, or with animals, you may be particularly at risk. A reaction may be immediate, or may take years to build up. Read on for more information on the kinds of substances that can provoke an asthma attack and the kinds of work which might put you at risk.


Further Information

The TUC’s asthma web pages have guidance, news and advice including an Asthma information sheet, and a link to the relevant chapter of the TUC’s Health and Safety manual Hazards at work.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website has sections on asthma and latex allergies. The HSE has also published a number of free guides including Working with substances hazardous to health – a brief guide to COSHH.

There is also information on the Asthma UK website for asthma sufferers and employers/businesses. Asthma UK operates a telephone helpline: 0300 222 5800.