I'm losing my voice. Can I do it any damage by still working?

If your sore throat is just a result of a cold or similar virus then the best thing is to rest your voice and drink plenty of fluids. Anyone who has a sore throat should see a doctor if it does not get better after four weeks. Your doctor is likely to recommend treatment, which is likely to involve resting the voice.

This means your employer should be asked to place you on duties that do not involve using your voice, or your doctor may sign you off work. Remember in some occupations such as singing, teaching or call centres, voice loss can be a result of your work and it is important that your GP knows the type of work that you do. Your GP may suggest some temporary adaptations to your work to help you recover. See the TUC advice on GP fit notes.

See our section on looking after your Voice for more information on severe voice conditions.