Do I need to tell my employer that I am pregnant?

From a health and safety point of view, you and your baby will have more protection from hazards at work if you inform your employer in writing that you are pregnant.

If you have told your employer in writing you are pregnant, have given birth within the last six months, or are breastfeeding, your employer must:

  • try to remove, or prevent your exposure to, any hazards they have identified; or
  • if this is not possible, temporarily adjust your working conditions or hours of work; or
  • if this is not possible, offer you suitable alternative work; or
  • if this is not possible, suspend you from work on full pay for as long as necessary to protect your health and safety or that of your baby.

Your employer should discuss any concerns and ideas about solving the issue with you. It would be sex discrimination to force you to accept a change of duties or suspension where the risk is low and does not require this kind of response.