What kind of workplace hazards should my employer be paying particular attention to if I am pregnant?

This depends on the kind of work you do, but things to look out for include:

  • exposure to lead, and certain other chemicals such as drugs and pesticides;
  • working with ionising radiation;
  • lifting and other physical work;
  • exposure to infections;
  • exposure to cigarette smoke;
  • slips;
  • stress;
  • standing up for long periods;
  • heat;
  • inadequate facilities, including inadequate toilet facilities;
  • excessive working hours;
  • lone working;
  • work at heights;
  • travelling;
  • bad smells which may make morning sickness worse;
  • violence, for example if you work with members of the public; and
  • exposure to vibration, such as riding in off-road vehicles.