Working from home, or teleworking, might sound pretty safe – after all, you don't even have to go anywhere! But working alone has particular risks, and you and your employer still need to think about how to make sure you are working in a way which protects your health and well-being.

Further Information

Information on working with display screen equipment (DSEs) or Visual Display Units (VDUs) and the local authority circular: Advice regarding call centre working practices is available on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website.

The TUC website has information on repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Hazards magazine has resources on strain injuries.

The Unite union has a guide to Health and safety in call centres (PDF, 158KB).

The NHS Choices website gives an overview of symptoms, causes and treatment for RSI.

See also the IOSH study (2012) on voice damage suffered by call centre workers (PDF, 795KB).