According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), catering workers are as much at risk of accidents at work as factory workers. Slips and trips, spillages, scalds and burns, confrontations with customers and hearing damage from noisy kitchens or loud music are all risks you need to think about.

Further Information

The HSE website has a wide range of advice, information, case studies and news on health and safety issues in the catering and hospitality industries, including a list of free leaflets on relevant topics.

The HSE also produces leaflets for catering workers in several languages, including Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Greek, Turkish and Urdu. The leaflets are available online or from HSE Books, tel: 01787 881165.

Usdaw's leaflets Keep Your Cool! Tackling Heat Stress at Work and Late-Night Working: Preventing Violence to Staff are available online.

For more information on smoke-free workplaces and the law, see the following websites: Ash ScotlandWelsh governmentSpace to Breath for Northern Ireland; and

The Sound Advice website provides information and guidance on the control of noise at work in the entertainment industries, including pubs and clubs.

Charity Action on Hearing Loss’s Loud Music campaign has information on how to protect your hearing, including guidance for people working in pubs and clubs.