Help make sure workers don’t pay the price for leaving the EU


The Prime Minister is fond of saying that "Brexit means Brexit", but exactly what it means for working people is still not at all clear. The people have spoken in the referendum, and at some point the UK will leave the European Union. But what happens right now? As we sail into these uncharted economic and political waters, our focus is turning to how we can help ensure the best possible outcome for the lives, jobs and wages of working people in the UK.

Workers rights

As we highlighted previously on this blog, there is cause for concern over the future of hard-won workers’ rights which, without EU law to underpin them, could now be rolled back or removed altogether. These include, amongst other things, equal pay, protection from discrimination, minimum annual paid leave, rights at work for pregnant and new mothers, and so on. You can read about workers’ rights at stake in more detail here.

You can help

This Conservative government (and the Coalition before it) has been chipping away at employment rights for years. Following Brexit, we must make sure they don’t take an axe to them as they come to write new UK laws to cover these areas. We’re already busy calling for MPs of all stripes to vote, come what may, to keep the vital working rights the EU has guaranteed British workers for decades.

Sign our petition to MPs: don’t cut a single workers’ right when making new UK laws