Say no to low hours, no rights and no security

Young Workers Month 2016 runs throughout November.

“We deserve better”

“When you’re young, it’s all too easy to get shafted by your boss with low hours, no rights, and no security,” says Chris, 24, who is busy lobbying the management of the hotel where he works to recognise his union, Unite. “I think it’s really important for people of my age to get involved in trade unions. If we stand up and say ‘no, we deserve better’ then we will get better.”

“Unions can make a massive difference”

Chris also played an active role in the recent campaign against Sports Direct to win better contracts and conditions for around 3000 casual agency workers.

The result? “Because of the campaigning, Sports Direct have promised to drop zero hours in their shops. more people will have guaranteed hours at work – which means guaranteed pay,” he says. “Unions can make a massive difference. Campaigns like this one are a great way to recruit younger members and show what unions can do to improve their lives.”