What will you change about your work in 2016?

It’s that time of the year again when many of us resolve to make changes – albeit often temporary ones – that will leave us happier and healthier. But don’t limit your New Year’s Resolutions to a new gym membership or a few weeks off the sauce. Since our jobs take up such a large chunk of our time, it follows that anything we can do to make our work more fulfilling is likely to have a positive impact on the rest of our lives. Here are ten things you could change for the better at work in 2016 (and links to helpful information about how to do them).

1. Get a new job

If you feel like you’ve been treading water for too long at work, we've got lots of information on where and how to find jobs, plus end-to-end advice on the recruitment process, from writing successful CVs and application forms to interviews and tests.  

2. Change your career

Come to the conclusion that you’d rather be doing something else entirely? Whether you know what you want to do next or just know things aren’t right where you are, workSMART can help you work out your next move.  

3. Go for a promotion or a payrise

If you’ve been putting off asking for more money and/or recognition for the work you do, maybe now’s the time to bite the bullet. Here’s how to go about preparing your pitch for a payrise, going for a promotion or both.  

4. Do more networking

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know (well, okay, clearly you do need to know some stuff too).  Anyway, the point is the people most likely to get ahead in 2016 will be the ones getting out and meeting their industry peers and colleagues. Find out how to network like a pro.

5. Take time out

A bit of time out to try something a little bit different can help us evaluate where we are at in our careers, especially after several years in the same job. Sabbaticals come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be career- or even life-changing. And your boss may be more open to the idea than you think.

6. Go solo

Going self-employed doesn’t have to be such a daunting prospect, and the rewards can be massive. Have you ever thought about whether freelancing is right for you? Read our guide to self-employment to find out.

7. Give something back

Voluntary work can give you valuable additional work skills and experience for your CV, and something money can’t buy – the sense of well-being that comes from giving something back to your community. Check out your volunteering options here

8. Live your life more

Working too much and too hard can take its toll on your social life and personal relationships. How about making 2016 the year you start saying no to long hours, managing your time more effectively and striking a better work–life balance?

9. Go green

If you care about the climate, there’s no better place than work to go green. Over half of carbon emissions are work-related, and British companies waste £1billion of energy every year. Green offices are usually safer and more pleasant places to work too. See how you can get involved in greening your workplace

10. Join a union

On average, staff in workplaces that are unionised enjoy a happier, safer and greener working environment, better pay and better employment rights than their colleagues in non-unionised workplaces. If you’re not already a member this is one new year's resolution you can sort very quickly! Use our Union Finder tool to find one that’s suitable for you. 

We wish all workSMART readers a happy and rewarding 2016 at work!