Young Workers Month 2016: join a union, get ahead at work

Young Workers Month 2016 runs throughout November.

Young workers are the future of our prosperity, the backbone of our economy, but right now they’re getting a raw deal. Half of all zero-hours contracts workers are under 30. And young people on temporary contracts without guaranteed hours typically earn half as much as permanent workers.

Why join a union?

There are many good reasons why young workers should consider joining a union. But to cut a long story short, unionised workplaces are simply safer, fairer and better paid. Unions have always helped their members in other ways too – for example, supporting them to get an education, improve their skills, become leaders, and speak up for themselves and others.

Unions have a proud history. They won workers weekends off, the national minimum wage and paid holidays. Now, unions are fighting to secure better pay for young workers, an end to insecure contracts and protection from harassment and bullying.

Throughout Young Workers Month, we’ll be showcasing how unions campaign on the workplace issues young workers care about most. Get the latest news on Young Workers’ Month here#Youngworkers #YWM16