Relationships at Work

Further Information

A large number of long-term relationships start at work – hardly surprising, given the amount of time we spend there. 

But, following a lead from employment practices in the United States, UK employers sometimes try to restrict relationships that might blur the lines between the public and the professional. The aim is to avoid potential conflicts of interest and protect the company from sexual harassment claims. Sadly, too often such heavy-handed restrictions are patronising, and fail to respect individuals' right to privacy. 

If your firm is trying to play chaperone, or wants to ban the forming of relationships altogether, these questions should help you find out where you stand on love and the law. 

One consequence of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has been that many workers find themselves with no choice but to work from home. While this brings advantages for some, it is likely to be bad news for others, especially the many young workers who miss out on the opportunities for shared social interaction and learning on the job that go with working in an office, and whose home space will often be wholly unsuited to work.