Enforcing Your Rights

Your employer may deny you your legal rights for a number of reasons:
  • They may simply not understand the law and/or fully appreciate their responsibilities as an employer.
  • They may know that they are breaking the law, but hope they can get away with it.
  • They may genuinely believe they are acting correctly and within the law, but you and your advisers disagree.
  • In other cases, the law may not be clear and a test case will be necessary to settle not just your case but that of many other people in your position.

This section looks at how you can get your employer to respect your rights. As a last resort, this may mean commencing legal action, but this is never easy and other ways of resolving disputes should normally be attempted first. Union members should seek early advice from their union rep or union official. It’s at times like this that members appreciate the value of their union card.